ARchiTecture Residency

TARGET GROUP: International
DISCIPLINE: All the arts (visual, performing, literary and new genres), Architecture, and Engineering
DURATION: 3 to 24 months according to project scope and nature of funding.
PRIORITY: Projects that will result to 2-3 bedroom live-in studio cottage, community center, recreational spaces, etc in line with your professional or national/cultural identity.
RESIDENCY LOCATION: Abetenim in the Ashanti Region (15 minutes from Kumasi)

(1) Low budget, quality work;
(2) Synergies that result from art+architecture, Western+non-Western traditions, the old+the new, maximum local materials+local labor, etc
(3) Cooperative relationship in spirit of sharing responsibilities or gains

We offer ARchiTecture Residency in believe that the solution to the problem of inadequate community housing for the arts can be solved by artists themselves by drawing on the abundance of affordable local materials and Western and non-Western architectural traditions. Thus, project is open to traditional and contemporary methods of creating homes with materials from the environment such as adobe, cob, compressed earth, rammed earth, earthship, strawbale, and wattle-and-daub. We are looking for enthusiasts to come. Participant can be assisted by local master builder and local laborers, if necessary.

Project is in collaboration bewteen AfriCOAE and Nka Foundation. For additional information visit To participate in the residency project, send your proposal to: nkaprojects @ The proposal should include: (a) sketches (such as floor plan/ sections/ elevations), and (b) the narrative (the budget and a description of the method/materials, participants, time estimates, your C.V., etc) required to complete your proposed project. Of course, the sketches can be modified once you are on site.


(by András Bakos, PhD- an artist from Hungary with reseach field in contemporary painting and design; and Maria Bakos, an interior designer living in Budapest, Hungary)